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Elk City Lake Trails

Elk City Lake (Elk River Trail) – Montgomery Co. –  The Elk River Hiking Trail (located on the northwest side of Elk City Lake) is open twice a year for equestrian use with a special use permit. Check KHC website for spring and fall ride dates. The  fifteen-mile point-to-point trail can be accessed from two main trailheads. Northeastern trailhead is located below west end of dam across from Fish & Wildlife Office. Southwestern trailhead can be reached from Highway 160 south of Elk City. There are also several gravel roads intersecting the trail which can be accessed from County Roads north of the lake. Elk River Hiking Trail offers panoramic views from tops of many limestone bluffs on northwestern shores of Elk City Lake. Trail crosses several small streams and ravines and winds through narrow canyons and under rock overhangs. Trail has blue trail blazes and mile markers.  (US Army Corps of Engineers and Kansas Wildlife and Parks.) Call 620-336-2741 for more information. Contact KHC Trails Director Jim Thomas for more information on scheduled rides at Elk City Lake: thomasjc68@gmail.com or 785-633-4761.


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