Fort Leavenworth Military Reservation

Fort Leavenworth Military Reservation – Leavenworth County. Fort Leavenworth Military Reservation is immediately north of Leavenworth in Leavenworth County and has an 18-plus-mile trail system within the confines of Fort Leavenworth Military Reservation. Three trail routes, all designated as National Recreation Trails, have been designed to encompass a variety of historical and natural features found on this 180-year-old base. Trails traverse hilly upland areas to the west and the largest contiguous floodplain forest left along the Missouri River to the northeast. The hilly uplands are comprised of loess, a fine, wind-blown soil that is quick to get muddy in wet weather. Older roads, where vehicle use has caused ruts and erosion, are being stabilized by vegetation. Be aware of these conditions, and avoid areas prone to erosion during wet weather.  Trails are in various stages of repair.

Gateway to the West in Leavenworth County. Healthy animal certification will be required to bring your horse on post: shot records, coggins test, etc.  A pass will be required to enter post which entails a background check.  Please check the Fort Leavenworth Garrison website for Visitor Control Center Information prior to arrival.  For additional information, contact Neil Bass at 913-684-8979.

Map was created by Jeff Helton, GPS Coordinator, Fort Leavenworth Directorate of Public Works (DPW). Map is projected in Real World Coordinates; however, it is not intended for legal purposes. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed.