KS State Statutes

Legal and Statutory Cross References


State statutes directly impacting the equine industry.  Please check from time to time as new statutes are added frequently or existing statutes are amended.  In reviewing the legislation, pay particular attention to the definitions, how your inquiry fits into those definitions as they are mentioned in the language of the statute.


  1.  Kansas Domestic Animal Activity Act: 

Limiting Liability for Personal Injury or Death Arising from Inherent Risks of Domestic Animal Activities

60-4001 – Definitions.
60-4002 – Affirmative defense of assumption of risk.
60-4003 – Same; limitations.
60-4004 – Posting warning notices, specifications; contract language requirements.


  1.  Kansas Recreational Land Use Statute

Limiting Liability of Private Landowners to General Public Using Lands for Recreational Purposes

58-3201 – Limiting liability of property owners to persons entering premises for recreational purposes.
58-3202 – Limiting liability of property owners to persons entering premises for recreational purposes; definitions.
58-3203 – Limited liability of property owners; owner’s duty of care.
58-3204 – Same; owner’s responsibility.
58-3205 – Same; application to lands leased to state or subdivision.
58-3206 – Same; nonapplication of act to certain liabilities.
58-3207 – Same; construction of act as to certain liabilities and obligations.
58-3208 – Same; prohibition of easements.
58-3211 – Definitions.
58-3212 – Duties of responsible party.
58-3213 – Procedures for development.
58-3214 – Adjacent property owners; duty of care.
58-3215 – Actions to enforce act; orders of court.
58-3216 – Severability.
58-3221 – Sport shooting ranges; definitions.
58-3222 – Same; conformance to generally accepted operation practices; application of law relating to noise control and nuisance.
58-3223 – Same; application of local law.
58-3224 – Same; regulation by local governments; taking of range for certain uses prohibited.
58-3225 – Same; rules and regulations.


  1.  Volunteer Protection Act Statute

Limiting Liability for Volunteers Acting within their Volunteer Scopes for Non Profit Events

60-3601 – Immunity from liability for volunteers of certain nonprofit organizations, limitations.
60-3606 – Definitions.
60-3607 – Immunity from liability for athletic officials in the course of officiating.
60-3611 – Immunity from liability for volunteers of certain nonprofit homeowners organizations; limitations.
60-3614 – Immunity from liability for offenders performing community service work; limitations.


  1.  Kansas Liens for Keepers of Livestock:
  2.  Liens for Boarding Stables  

58-207 – Lien for feed and care of livestock; sale for charges and expenses; assignment of lien. 

58-209 – Sale of animals or goods of perishable nature after thirty days.
58-210 – Additional compensation for care of property taken from proceeds.
58-211 – Sale of property; notice required; form and content of notice.
58-212 – Public auction sale required.
58-213 – Proceeds of sale.
58-214 – Filing copies of notices, proof of publication and other papers with county clerk; evidence.
58-215 – Voluntary delivery of property as abandonment of lien; waiver by special contract.
58-218 – Liens for seeding and baling broomcorn and baling hay.
58-219 – Perfection, duration and enforcement of such liens.

ii.  Agister’s Lien for Pasture Board

58-220 – Agister’s lien; recording notice with register of deeds; sale for charges and expenses.
58-221 – Same; disposition of proceeds of sale.