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KHC Horsemanship Rewards Program

Earn rewards while working with your favorite equine friends! This program recognizes participation in your equine activities such as riding, schooling, competing, showing, training, ground work, driving, exercising and assisting in Therapy Programs or Rescues.

Welcome to the Kansas Horse Council Horsemanship Rewards Program.

Earn Horsemanship points for the quality time you spend with horses, mules, donkeys, ponies and minis! Registered or grade, owner or non-owner, or as a volunteer. The KHC wants to recognize your participation in equine activities! Examples of activities include ground work, grooming, trail, recreational riding, schooling, lessons, competing, driving, training, exercising and other horse care. (“Activities” do not include feeding, stall cleaning, and general maintenance.) Earn Horsemanship points by volunteering at a therapeutic riding program or an equine rescue!

  • Must be current KHC Member.
  • Must pay initial enrollment fee of $35 to participate or $15 maintenance fee annually after the first year.
  • May ride or handle more than one horse and it is not necessary to be the owner of the horse.
  • Hourly log sheets may be submitted monthly, quarterly or annually. Annual submissions must be postmarked no later than December 31st.
  • If KHC member is part of a Family Account or Club, KHC member will need an Individual account to track member rewards by name.
  • Awards points are not retroactive. Date of log begins on enrollment date and moving forward. Awards are subject to change based on availability.


25 Hours = Enrollment Patch, Certificate of Enrollment & KHC Rewards Bucket Strap

50 Hours = 50 Hours Patch & Coupon for feed product

100 Hours= 100 Hours Patch & Custom-made horse shoe hoof pick & recognition in KHC Newsletter

250 Hours= 250 Hours Patch & Coupon or T-Shirt & recognition in KHC Newsletter

500 Hours = 500 Hours Patch & Coupon or Tote & recognition in KHC Newsletter

1,000 Hours = 1,000 Hours Patch, an Equifest 3-day wristband pass, recognition in KHC Newsletter, recognition at Annual Meeting & at Equifest!

1,500 Hours = 1,500 Hours Patch, Halter, an Equifest 3-day wristband pass, recognition in KHC Newsletter, recognition at Annual Meeting & at Equifest!

2,000 Hours = Special 2,000 Hours Completed Patch, two Equifest 3-day wristband passes, a special plaque awarded at Annual Meeting, certificate of completion of KHC Horsemanship Rewards Program, recognition in KHC Newsletter, at Equifest & in Better Horses magazine! May also include an interview on Better Horses TV &/or Radio Show.

Initial Enrollment Fee: $35…One program participant per current KHC Membership.

Annual Participation Fee to continue carryover of Hours Logged: $15

Upon 2,000 Hours completed, Members are welcome to start over again!


Rewards Program Poster

Rewards Program Enrollment Form

Rewards Program Log Sheet