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Johnson County Parks and Rec Riding Trails

There are three different parks with trails in Johnson County, see each map below.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park. Approximately 150 acres of open riding in area leased to Mid-America Combined Training Association (MACTA).  There is a course within MACTA area with approximately 4.72 miles of trail open to public when not in use for MACTA event. At no time are jumps on MACTA course open to general public. Day use parking only, no fees.

Kill Creek

Kill Creek. Almost 5 miles of trails, day use parking only, no fees.  Closed during wet weather.

Shawnee Mission Park

Shawnee Mission Park. A 1,250 acre park located at 79th and Renner Rd, Shawnee. Largest park in Johnson County with 120 acre lake. 8.3 miles of trails with parking at North Walnut Grove or at Archery Range. No camping available; no fees or permits required. 913-438-7275 or www.jcprd.com/parks_facilities/map_shawnee_mission.cfm.

Maps available for all Johnson County parks at Shawnee Mission Park Office, 7900 Renner Rd., Shawnee, KS 66219.

For more information or maps, contact Johnson County Parks and Recreation District 913-888-4713 or 913-894-3340; or go to www.jcprd.com. Call 913-312-8833 for current trail conditions.