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Pomona Lake (Black Hawk Horse Trails)

Pomona Lake (Black Hawk Horse Trails)

Pomona Lake (Black Hawk Horse Trails) – Osage County.  Effective 2018, 110 Mile Campground will be closed. Day parking is available. Primitive camping will be available at Cedar Park with pens.

The Black Hawk Trail begins on the NE side of Pomona Lake with the trail- head located near the 110 Mile Boat Ramp. The Black Hawk Trail passes through wooded, riparian and grassland areas and is approximately 21 miles in length. The blue trail generally follows the higher elevation government boundary line and the orange trail a lower elevation trail near the lake shoreline, which is more subject to the effects of flooding. Trails marked with white connect the trails and areas flagged with yellow indicate difficult areas of travel. The trail is marked with posts or stakes where it crosses meadows.

Primitive equestrian campsites are located in Cedar Park and include 7 campsites, 6 corrals, fire rings and access to a privy type toilet. Cedar Park campers and trail users will need to bring water as this is a primitive campground and water is not present. Day parking is available near the Black Hawk trailhead located near the 110 Boat Ramp, the parking lot east of the Cedar Park equestrian camp sites, and near the intersection of 197th & Berryton Road (from Hwy 75, go east on 189th, south on Berryton Rd.)

Find trail maps in the map box at the Black Hawk trailhead near 110 Mile Boat Ramp, at the Cedar Park kiosk/map box and at the Pomona Project   Office Information Center.  A map is also included on the Pomona Lake Brochure which may be picked up at the Pomona Project Office or printed from  a downloaded file from the following webpage link: www.nwk.usace.army.mil/locations/district-lakes/pomona-lake or on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pomonalake1964. For more information, contact the  Pomona Project Office U. S. Army Corps of Engineers at: 785-453-2201.

The privately owned Blackhawk Horse Camp LLC is located east of Cedar Park along the trail and offers campsites with electric and water hookups for rent.  More information is available at:  http://blackhawkhorsecamp.com/ http://blackhawkhorsecamp.com/> , at 785-806-3121, or on Facebook.