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Stolen Tack & Horses

Reported Stolen Tack & Horses

This page is provided to the horse-citizens of Kansas to centralize reports of stolen tack and horses. To share your report of stolen horses and/or tack, pleaseclick here.

Posted 04/03/11 -



Mayito was stolen on 09-16-2010 in Henry County, Missouri (Clinton area) and reported on TRACE at that time.  His owner has been diligent in attempts to find him.  Please watch for this horse when going to auctions, sales or while travelling in your area. If you have any information on Mayito, Please call the above number and the Henry County, Missouri Sheriff’s Office at 660-885-5587, then email us at TRACE@jocogov.org

Posted 12/7/10 – HI.. my name is Bernice Kingsbury.. I live in Mo..  I had a horse stolen from me… I am still searching for him.  I have him listed with NETPOSSE… already.. but the more people that see him the better my chances of finding him.. His netposse link ishttp://www.netposse.com/stolenmissing/MayitoMOstolenSep2010.html  he also has a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVGaGJYGkZo
PLEASE… help me bring my boy home..

Posted 09/17/10 – STOLEN (9/16/10) between the hours of 1PM-3PM from the Haysville, KS area:
1955 Chevy pickup, bright red with ivory bumpers & chrome wheels. Oak bed, black & ivory leather interior. Had a tag (probably removed by now) that read DADZ55. Please call the police immediately and/or us if you spot it! We are told it is more than likely being taken out of state so we need everyone’s help fast in order to recover it! 316-788-9943 or 316-210-6964 Vickie & Donald Haun
316-665-4646 or 316-788-9943
Skype: vickie.haun

Posted 09/15, 2010 – Rodney Spaht
3112 Country Ln
Augusta, KS  67010
Law Enforcement #: 3163201294
Case #10-07445

Custom made roping saddle built on modifed association tree. 15.5 in seat Built by Hunn Leather Augusta Kansas.Serial number 87 stamped under skirting. Custom made roping saddle built on modified association tree. 14 in. seat. Smooth leather. Maker unknown Stirrup fenders have been replaced with fenders stamped Hunn Leather in corners. Saddle marked J. C. Higgins with basket stamp. Rounded skirts. 15 in. seat. Older saddle

Posted 09/06, 2010 – John Shouten – Rockin S
Brenda Lea Shouten
2473 N. E. 170th Ave
Cheney, KS 67025
cell: 620-288-9565
email: rockinsmobiletan@gmail.com
lawtel: 620-532-5133
report: No Number Known

TAKEN AUGUST 21,2010 Between the hours of 10 am and
7 pm. From 170th Street (Kingman/Sedgwick County Line.) Between 20th and 30th Blackstone is a 20+ Black quarter horse gelding with 4 white socks, a cut with 8 blue stitches down the center of his nose (from an injury on 8-11-10 during a storm), a 6″ band under his jaw of white hair flecked through the black, and a forward slash/reverse J/rocker brand in the center of his right hip. He is 15.1 hands tall and has a severe hip displacement and muscle issues in his right hip as well. He can NOT run and only canters on 3 legs. When he trots it is in a hopping fashion as his right rear only touches down every other beat. He is approximately 300 – 400 pounds under weight (due to lack of wormer rotation and improper nutrients caused by the previous owner over the last 3 – 4 years). Blackstone will stand back if in a herd situation and will not approach other horses. He previously was tested for allergies and is allergic to Alfalfa, Flax seed, carrots, dandelions, Barley, and several other things. He is on a special diet that consisted of his feed being turned to mush to insure proper absorption. He is also on several additives for digestion as well as over all health. He was previously approved as a Therapeutic riding horse. He is gentle with anyone. PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT IF YOU SEE HIM. Be sure to tell them he is missing out of Kingman County and a report has been made with the Kingman County Sheriff.

I have added pictures (CLICK HERE) that were taken 2 days after I got him. They are 4 days prior to his disappearance. We believe him to be stolen, due to the fact there were no tracks or markings to show he went off our property.

Posted 09/04/2010 – 2nd Chance Ranch
Ed Couch
5800 N. 127th East
KS 67226

Bonnie has been missing since Fall 2008. I have looked for her everywhere. She is a mostly white pinto (papered)with a dark bonnet on her head between her ears, black inside her ears,black/brown belly band. She has one blue eye. She is approx. 6 years old. She went “missing” after a big rainstorm down in Harper/Anthony area. Please if you know anything, call, write or email. If she is in a good home, would consider leaving her there. Also gone “missing” at the same time: 4 other horses and 5 cows.

Posted 07/20/2010 – Nettrouer Ranch
28231 162nd Road
Cambridge, KS  67023

Stolen from the Nettrouer Ranch about 17 miles east of Winfield between about 7:00 pm Saturday, July 17, and 9:50 am, Sunday, July 18, 2010, were the following:
Circle G Cowboy saddle manufactured by Garroute Products of Ponca City, natural oil color, full double rigging, 16″ plain seat with Cheyenne roll cantle, iron oxbow stirrups, 3″ dally horn wrapped with black rubber. Small leather saddle bags tied to back of saddle containing miscellaneous cattle doctoring supplies. Matching pulling type breast collar included.
Sankey roping saddle, chestnut colored, 16″ black padded seat,double rigging, nearly new condition except for rat chewings on back of cantle.
Approximately twelve bridles (headstalls and various style bits).
Three saddle pads including one black pad with leather sides, one solid blue pad with black wear leathers and one blue and gray heavey work pad.
John Deere model 135, 42″ riding lawn mower,
Black over gray with pink separating stripe 1989 Marine Ski Challenger motor boat, identification number USPB64TAD989 on an unknown brand black two wheel trailer.
Please contact the Cowley County Sheriff’s Office, Winfield, Ks, 620-221-5444, or via the E-Mail address set forth above with any information pertaining to this theft.

Posted 06/09/10 – Found about two mile east of Winfield in Cowley County on May 8, 2010, one sorrel colored gelding estimated to be about 15 years old and 15.2 hands tall. For further information contact the Cowley County Sheriff’s Office at 620-221-5444 or e-mail bmueller@cowleycounty.org . Undersheriff Bill Mueller Cowley County Sheriff’s Office

Posted 05/27/10 – RMH Lady Diana is a 6 year old bay & white tobiano mare. She is a half-Arabian and half-Saddle bred with about 50/50 color. She just had her first foal, a beautiful bay and white filly, on May 19th. Last night someone cut the gate and stole her away from her 4 day old filly. Lady Diana was in the pasture (in a pen) with her baby and several other mares with foals (in Hays Kansas). The gate was cut and Lady Diana is the only one that was stolen. There are photos of Lady Diana below. The Sheriff has been called and has the information on this case – contact information for Sheriff Dept below. There was a “potential buyer” that had been out to the ranch in Hays KS to look at horses just a few days ago, and he specifically asked about this mare, however he was told that she was not offered for sale. He mentioned that he worked in a feedlot somewhere close to Hays, but that is all the information that we currently have about him. Please call Mary Sturdy at 785-623-0025 or Rick Sturdy at 785-650-7396 if you have any information at all. You can e-mail Rick & Mary atrmhranch@gmail.com  if you need more photos to print for flyers or anything. Also, if you are close to Hays KS and have a mare that would nurse a baby without her momma please let us know!  IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION REGARDING THIS CASE PLEASE CONTACT THE ELLIS COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE AND EMAIL alin@sedgwick.gov .

Posted 04/30/10

barnname: Green Acres

submitter: Valerie Jansen

address: 19850 W. 87th Lane

city: Lenexa

state: KS

zip: 66220

phone: 913-375-2896

cell: 913-375-2896

email: jocopsychiatric@yahoo.com





Western saddle with white buckstitching and initials tatooed under seat skirt, Val J. Stolen by known tack thief, however unable to prove and police wouldnt’ pursue. Ok happened a long time ago, but was one of my favorites and since I paid for it I would like it back

Posted 03/08/2010 -


Here is a list of items that I can remember so far.  I am sickened
because I know I will not be able to replace them.

1 blue and white average Parelli hackamore.

1 blue and white Warmblood Parelli hackamore.

1 tan used Parelli bareback pad with red/white cinch  The latigo’s
have been cut shorter.

1 maroon Parelli bareback pad never used but did get a little sun
bleached from sitting on the saddle rack by the window.

1 maroon and tan southwest design round cutback barrel pad with
fleece bottom.

3 dressage pads

1 square blue herculon western pad The front stitching has been

1 black thin felt square pad

at least 2 or 3 felt girths with either black or brown nylon
backing for western saddles.


1 American saddle, barrel saddle size 15′ seat light oil suede seat,
round skirt.  This saddle is in very good shape, has small stain on
seat and some water drop stains also left fender was scratched from
me sliding off of saddle in my jeans.

1 Simco western Arabian saddle,  dark pecan oil suede seat scalloped
cantle and silver trim wrapped around scallops.  Has round skirt and
on right side the skirt tends to want to curl under.

1 Billy Cook breast collar to match saddle.

1 black Wintec all purpose size 17 seat with flocking and the
interchangeable gullet fitted for a wide horse this one does not
have the cloth seat.  It also has been scratched from me sliding off
on the left side.  I have child’s length webbers on it and the
irons. the girth was lying with it as well.

1 tan child western saddle that would fit a small pony.

1 black child’s synthetic all purpose saddle that would fit a larger

Last but not least,  My very first saddle,  If you knew me and my
granddaughter you would know this saddle,  The tree is fiberglass
and under it my dad wrote my last name in black marker,  DAVISON.

the saddle is dark oil and has been used to introduce several young
horses to saddles so it is scuffed and has some teeth marks on it. I
modified it to fit a fat haflinger and my short legged granddaughter
so the fenders on it actually belong to the small tan western saddle
listed above.

The above items were stolen from Overbrook, Kansas.  But keep in mind
that thieves will travel to other counties to sell their stolen items,
rather than risking trying to sell them at their local sales.



Contact Person:
Deputy S. Kirkpatrick
Osage County Sheriff’s Office
Fax:  (785)-828-3662

Case Number:  10-0132

Posted 09/08/09 – KS: Wrangler QH/TB Drk Bay Gelding Missing Kansas City, KS 8/21/09 Stolen horse in our area, keep your eyes open. http://www.netposse.com/stolenmissing/missing_1/wranglerKSaug09.html

Posted 06/24/09 – My very good seasoned horse was stolen Friday evening off our property. It is the horse that Brad competes roping, heading and heeling and I run barrels and poles on. I am going to attach pictures of Star, she is 18 years old, liver chestnut, white star on forehead. She has been shod recently and in very good shape. She has our freeze brand on her right hip (thigh area). I will attach a picture of our brand. Please be on the look-out and spread the word.
Click here for the picture(s).  Thank You – Susan Frink 402-796-2567

We are helping Keith Caughrun find his daughter’s stolen horse, Max. He is a mostly white Medicine Hat paint gelding with sorrel hat and body spots in flank area so he will be easy to spot and recognize. Max could be anywhere – we have had leads from all over the country connected to prime theft suspects, auctions, etc. We are contacting youth and 4H clubs across the nation, hoping it will lead to someone recognizing Max. He is a 4H champion barrel racer and is willing to try anything that is asked of him so he would be a perfect horse for many youth activities. We are wanting to create an awareness in OH that will give us information that will lead to finding Max. We DO NOT believe those who have Max at this time are connected with or know anything about the theft. Funds have been donated to raise the reward to $4000 or Ford truck. If you have any information, please contact us! (See the flyer below for contact info) For more details and information see this flyer .